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The Notorious Ones motorcycle club was founded in 1985 in Sacramento California by Greg Johnson(President) R.I.P. and Chris Sandridge (Vice President). The Notorious Ones MC is a co-ed unit with a common passion and love for motorcycles and riding. Around 1990 the Notorious Ones MC had its first sister chapter to start in Denver Colorado with Crazy AL (President) and fifteen loyal members. In 2005 the Notorious Ones MC continued to grow with the start of two more chapters. One in Atlanta Georgia lead by Clark Williams (Agent G 14, President) and LaTron Bell (Trigger, Vice President). The other chapter in Warner Robins (Wartown) Georgia with Cliff Kimbrough (Hustler, President) and Steve Fears (Tips, Vice President). All four chapters share the same passion for motorcycles, riding and spending time with family and friends. Our Wartown club motto "GET OUT DA CROWD IF YA SCARED!"

Where We Ride

Holding weekly, monthly and annual events, we also plan multiple trips every year, so you are bound to be able to attend at least one. We travel all over the county and sometimes including our neighboring countries.

Ride Or Die

Ultimately, it's all about being on the open rode with the fine vehicle ever created. We are an eclectic, positive club who are always looking for more members to add. Feel free to reach out for more information.

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Our Partners



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